Moony.Rocks is a new level of quality in urban public spaces improvement. Our goal is to create and humanize public spaces by shaping zones for various scenarios of social activities.
The key to understanding the reality that surrounds us is a dialogue of shape and space. Design creates the feeling of natural geometry and brings a new emotional and functional aspect into the urban environment.
We use modern materials to create street furniture, which is used to shape urban public spaces. We develop items with striking design, aesthetics and functionality. Solutions that we offer are made for modern, active people, living ahead of the others, for those who are willing and able to change the world around them.
The field of application for our products ranges from the improvement of streets, public gardens, parks, waterfronts and yards to the improvement of private areas such as sidewalk cafes, beaches and interiors.
Moony.Rocks street furniture can turn your space into an environment with a unique design and a distinctive ambiance. The concept incorporates the idea of modularity of all the elements and their combinational variability. Moony.Rocks objects are created both as anti-vandal concrete and fiber-reinforced concrete options and as weatherproof, impact-resistant fiber-glass composite options, in a range of colors.