New MOONY.ROCKS product line!

New MOONY.ROCKS product line!

Our company strives for continuous growth and development. New experience that we acquire in the process of implementing our creative ideas lets us optimize and enhance quality, design and production technologies of our goods.


The new Moony.Rocks catalogue is the essence of acquired knowledge, experience and feedback, representing the new vision of high-quality improvement solutions, developed for a modern and beautiful city.

Circle, Border, Solo, Pebbles, Pury, One, Line, Chain — each of the 8 collections from our product line represents a set of street furniture items of unique design, suitable for creating comfortable public spaces.


‘One’ collection features a multifunctional set for public interiors. The collection includes a single module, the functional characteristics of which allow for creation of simple linear and more complex multi-level arrangements to facilitate various scenarios of space use. The created collections can be used depending on the situation, as benches, bollards, reception stands or exhibition stands, with an option of individual branding. Due to the implemented principle of versatility, the functional possibilities of the ONE collection and its adaptability to any space is supreme.


‘Pebbles’ collection items make it possible to create various arrangements through the combination of the three adaptable elements, thus creating an image of a natural landscape. The items resemble coarse pebbles in shape and play the role of large and small street poufs. The product line features a street planter that allows for street and yard spaces beautification modelling. The design of the items is convenient both for public and for private spaces.


An all-purpose landscape set for urban environment, intended for public spaces and urban recreational zones design. Ergonomic modular elements (a bench, a pouf) help create complete architectural arrangements of various lengths. The items can also serve as bollards.


The ‘Line’ collection is an all-purpose landscape set for urban environment, intended for public spaces and urban recreational zones design. Ergonomic modular elements (bench, pouf, planter, litterbin) help create complete architectural arrangements of various lengths. The items can also serve as bollards. The overall idea of the design for this modular system involves simplicity and concision of shaping, functionality and versatility of each element, environmental sustainability and safety of the materials used, and it complies with the modern trends in creating comfortable urban environments.


The ‘Circle’ collection features stylish impact-resistant planters made of fiber-reinforced concrete and composite materials, intended to design entrance lobbies, urban recreation zones and public interiors. The planters in this line can be used as additional beautification elements for recreational areas and can create various space zoning scenarios.


‘Border’ and ‘Chain’ bollard collections represent modern, lasting and functional modular items, combining the functions of street bollards and planters. The versatility of combinations of these cross-functional and aesthetically pleasing items from the represented collections make it possible to create various zoning scenarios for multifunctional public spaces.


The ’Solo’ collection is another multiuse landscaping set for urban environment in the Moony.Rocks street furniture product line, intended for public space and recreational zone design. The modular units make it possible to create arrangements of varied length and to alternate street benches and planters. The S-shaped forms graphically fit into various spaces. The line makes it possible to create design solutions for areas adjoining architectural properties and can be supplemented with bollards from other collections.


All the items in the product line, shaping comfortable and aesthetically pleasing recreation zones, can be supplemented with neat and commodious litterbin from the ‘Pury’ collection, featuring two containers for separate waste collection.


The design and production of Moony.Rocks street furniture, focused on shaping a comfortable urban environment, comply with all the norms and quality standards, modern trends in choosing lasting and high-quality materials, and take into consideration use conditions, presupposing high strength, the use of safe materials and aesthetic looks.


In addition, we will soon be happy to introduce our new user-friendly Moony.Rocks website, which will feature an e-catalogue of the current product line, as well as the opportunity to download 2D and 3D models of all the items.


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