31 12 2017
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

The Moony.Rocks team congratulates you on the upcoming New Year holidays and sincerely wishes for all your cherished dreams to come true! Dear friends! We wholeheartedly wish you a happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Let the upcoming year be successful and fruitful, let it be the year of new opportunities and achievements, filled with […]

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02 12 2017
‘Line’ set collection for the ‘Boulevard strip’ improvement project for FIFA-2018

«LINE» is a system of street furniture developed specially for Yekaterinburg in connection with the preparations for the 2018 World Cup. The trigger to the development of the Line collection was a unique improvement concept for several parks and their elements – the Boulevard strip concept – developed by S&P Architektura Krajobrazu landscape design company from […]

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25 10 2017
Moony.Rocks for the ‘Comfortable urban environment’ program

Moony.Rocks has presented modern architectural solutions for the concepts of developing key public spaces in Yekaterinburg, as part of the Russian Federation Government priority project: Forming a comfortable urban environment. As part of the cooperative program of KB Strelka and the Fund of the Fund of integrated housing development institute (created by AHML) – Forming […]

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17 10 2017
The new ‘Line’ collection has beautified the waterfront near the ‘CLEVER PARK’ business center

One of the main features of the area development is the improvement solution offered by Moony.Rocks — a unique set of modular concrete LINE elements. Moony.Rocks participated in an improvement project developed by the VOX Architects studio for the area of Clever Park complex development (a center of generating a self-sufficient ecosystem for modern people who value […]

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30 09 2017
Moony.Rocks is the official partner of the School of Chief Architect

The PEBBLES collection gratifies the visitors of a unique education project of the School of Chief Architect 3.0 in Yekaterinburg. For a second consecutive year, Moony.Rocks participates in a unique educational project of the School of Chief Architect, which this year became international! The third School of Chief Architect took place in Yekaterinburg from 16th to 24th […]

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06 08 2017
Moony.Rocks at the ‘Best designers and interiors-2017’ awards

Moony.Rocks became a partner of the annual ‘Best designers and interiors’ awards according to ЕКБ.Собака.ru magazine and ARCHITECTOR interior center, which took place in Bolshoy store. Moony.Rocks became a partner of the annual ‘Best designers and interiors’ awards according to ЕКБ.Собака.ru magazine and ARCHITECTOR interior center, which took place in Bolshoy store on June 15. […]

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12 07 2017
‘Pebbles’ collection in the Yeltsin Center

One of the new collections of the main Moony.Rocks product line – the Pebbles collection – is now displayed in the first-floor hall of Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center in Yekaterinburg. Street furniture from the Pebbles collection can create various arrangements through the combination of 4 adaptable elements, thus creating an image of a natural landscape. […]

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07 07 2017
New Moony.Rocks 2017 catalogue

Moony.Rocks presents a new product line of street furniture items that meet major needs of a modern urban space. Moony.Rocks-2017 catalogue features seven main collections, but items can also be tailor-made. Solo This collection is a multiuse landscaping set for urban environment, intended for public space and recreational zone design. The modular units make it possible […]

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01 07 2017
Inspired by nature

More about the collection inspired by one of the most wonderful natural phenomena. The Rainbow collection consists of two different elements and is designed for urban public spaces. The versatility of use is provided by the modular character and variability of the elements. The item helps form communication zones for different number of participants depending […]

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27 06 2017

One of the main events for designers and furniture manufacturers — Milan furniture fair — took place for the 56th time. Milan furniture fair (Salon Internazionale Del Mobile) is one of the most important events for European furniture designers and manufacturers, which has taken place annually since 1961. It is the I Saloni fair that shapes the […]

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21 06 2017
Park in style

A line of parking bollards that are not just utilitarian objects but elements of landscape design, modelling the space in front of the building.

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16 06 2017
The infinity of use

The field of use for our products is practically infinite. From improving urban streets, public gardens, waterfronts and yards, where total anti-vandal execution is necessary, to improving private territories, such as sidewalk cafes, beaches and interiors, where ergonomics and kinesthetic comfort are of importance.

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13 06 2017
Let’s dream together!

Moony.Rocks street furniture items can turn your space into an environment with a unique design and a distinctive ambiance!

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05 06 2017
Collection | SOLO

The collection is an all-purpose landscape set for urban environment, intended for designing public spaces and urban recreation zones.

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22 05 2017
A new project for Solo Office Interiors

Modular elements for the Solo Office Interiors multibrand company make it possible to create arrangements of various length and to alternate street benches with planters. S-shaped forms graphically fit into the space and create a design solution for the area adjoining the company office building.

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