Street furniture: small but relevant

Street furniture: small but relevant

Nowadays the issues of beautification and landscape design have become more relevant than ever in Russia. Having dealt with comfortable interiors and attractive facades, professionals, the public and the state started thinking about the value of a landscaped urban space, where not only buildings but also pedestrian zones between them are of importance. Their development trends have finally reached Russia. In particular, Moscow, where a massive program of street reconstruction and waterfronts improvement is currently being implemented.

Nowadays, when people leave buildings they want to plunge into an ecological, aesthetically attractive environment, which is naturally integrated into the urbanistic rhythm. Because of that, Russian environmental design is in great need of developed solutions of European level, involving the use of street furniture of the latest standards.

The dialogue of form and space


By 1970s, many cities all over the world had started to rethink the quality of street environment. The function of transit space was no longer enough – streets had to be a safe place for meeting and walking, for knowledge exchange, cultural leisure and work. Was it possible to change the entrenched space so drastically? As it turned out, it was, by means of original design and unique architectural forms.

This process is still ongoing. Architects and designers all over the world offer increasingly unusual ways of varying the utilitarian urban environment. For example, in Zurich, concrete seats serve simultaneously as battering walls, helping to retain the necessary amount of soil for large trees. In Italy, designer Lorenzo Tozolini offered modules of recovered marble or white granite, which can be put in arrangements of different length and structure. This makes street furniture flexible and adaptable to urban environment and to the needs of the users.

When it comes to massive elements, typical anti-vandal concrete objects of street design that make the environment more clunky spring to mind. However, this material can be used to create interesting modern forms that can not only decorate the landscape but also shape urban environment. Russian companies have started serious work on such developments. One of the pioneers in the Russian market is the ‘Gorodskye proyekty’ company that develops the manufacture of various street furniture items under the Moony.Rocks brand. Giant geometrical possibilities of the items are rooted in the unique production technology with the use of modern digital methods of model development and prototype production. Street furniture is highly aesthetic; concrete or fiberglass composite is used for production, and both materials are super strong and resistant to damage.


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